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Alfa Trading Co

We are a scrap metal recycling company based in Mumbai. We deal in all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a focus on Reinstatement of Office Work,Telecom Scrapetc. After several years in the industry Amrullah Khan established the company in 2004.
ALFA TRADING CO specialises in weigh and pay services which means we can collect the scrap metal at your property and weigh everything in front of you and then pay you cash on the spot. We Can offers our clients a wide range of services in order to make the removal of scrap both convenient and cost efficient. We are able organise weigh and pay service or bins, meaning there is little of no interference to the running of your business operations. With ready access to a range of vehicles we are able to ensure fast and efficient pick up. We provide bins ranging in size from 2 meters square to 33 meters square.

Our Key Priorities

Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions

ALFA TRADING CO is committed to the implementation of environmental solutions that benefit both our clients and the wider community

Total Recycle Solutions

Total Recycle Solutions

We work with our clients to offer total recycling solutions that meet their unique requirements.

Follows Laws & Regulations

Follows Laws & Regulations

We are aware of and adhere to all statue laws and regulations.

E-Waste Management

We service a range of businesses India wide and internationally both large and small. The management and staff at ALFA TRADING CO are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our business. With the generous support of all our clients our goal is to steadily improve and expand our scope of business. We offer prompt and efficient payment terms.
All of our scrap metal transactions are processed with Metal Tracker our scrap metal recycling information system; this automatically emails details of every load (truck registration, grade of metal, net weight, customer documentation references etc.) within 24 hours to anyone your company requests. Metal Tracker generates reports that your company may require to monitor your scrap production and control the revenue, in either printouts or as an excel file.

Our Team

Amrullah Khan


Faizullah Khan

Business Developer