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We collect e-waste from offices, industries, and other locations and bring it to our recycling facility.

Alfa Recycling

E Waste Recycling, E Waste Recyclers – Professional E-Waste Management Company

Weight and Pay

We can collect the scrap metal at your property & weigh everything in front of you and then pay you cash on the spot.

Fast & Efficient

With ready access to a range of vehicles we are able to ensure fast and efficient pick up.


Metal Tracker generates reports that your company may require to monitor your scrap production

About Us

We are a scrap metal recycling company based in Mumbai. We deal in all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a focus on Reinstatement of Office Work,Telecom Scrapetc. After several years in the industry Amrullah Khan established the company in 2004.
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Tons of Electronic Scrap Recycled

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Tons of Electrical Scrap Recycled

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Tons of Metal Scrap Recycled

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Tons of Battery Scrap Recycled

Our Services

E-Waste Recycle

We follow a rigorous process from finding and assembling e-waste to disposal.

Lamp Recycling

Energy-efficient light bulbs, Fluorescent lamps contain materials like metal.

Data Destruction

Data destruction includes: overwriting, degaussing, physical destruction.

Recycle & Recovery

Material is converted into valuable, reusable resources.

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Our Clients

Our Clients